Experience culture through its change agents.

We love social innovators. In particular, we love the way they see the world and its conditions. In looking at some of the world’s most daunting problems, they see solutions in the making.   Their solutions are the product of a holistic, systemic view of the social, environmental and cultural context of a given challenge.

We use social innovation ecosystems as training grounds for students who wish to develop a complex, layered understanding of social terrains, social challenges and how people go about solving them. Our trainings are custom designed for groups of high school, university, adult and executive participants and range in length from three weeks to an academic year.

Our Field School Fellows, practitioners-in-residence, include local engineers, entrepreneurs, anthropologists, designers, architects, activists, artists and community members. Come learn to see problems in context through their lenses. See and experience cultures by engaging with the people who are here creating the next generation of change.


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