About Us

_MG_2606Lisa Di Carlo, Anthropologist

Lisa is a graduate of Georgia State University and received her Ph.D. in anthropology from Brown University. She writes about identity, migration, and social innovation and does research on the social effects of innovation. She is the program’s founder, facilitator, researcher, social scientist, observer and social innovation dot connector. When she is not in the field with students, she teaches courses on social entrepreneurship and qualitative research methods at Brown University. She has 25 years of field experience in Turkey and divides her time between Rhode Island and Istanbul.

28541_570152363377_44605104_32962232_2906902_nAttila Durak, Photographer

  • Every field program needs someone who knows the terrain. Born in Gümüşhane, Turkey, Attila Durak studied economics at ODTÜ and photography at Hunter College School of Visual Arts in New York. Durak has traveled extensively throughout the country for various photography projects, the most epic of which would be Ebru:  Reflections of Cultural Diversity in Turkey. When he isn’t opening an exhibition or working on projects somewhere in the world, he handles the photographic instruction in the program and freely shares his perspective as an artist, activist, insider, and all-around agitator.


Student ambassadors are former program participants who maintain an active role in shaping the curriculum and overall experience of future cohorts.  Some of them have graduated and moved on to pursue their passion for making a positive difference in the world. You may contact them if you have questions about their experiences in the program.

_MG_3064Neha Goyal, Brown ’16

I’m originally from India but grew up in Singapore, and would like to think of myself as more of a global citizen than a single nationality. Currently, I am a sophomore at Brown University planning to concentrate in History and Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations on the organizational studies track. I made the decision to come to the Field School this summer by chance, a friend was sitting opposite me at brunch and our conversation led me to sign up for it – I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore questions of nationality and nation building. If you think about it, Turkey has been the cradle of several civilizations, the Hittites, the Greeks, the Romans – and the site of migration for many ‘types’ of people. The Field School did provide this, but more than that it provided me with a heightened lens with which to see the world. By this I mean, the Field School heightened my ability to see beyond what there is and into what there could (or should) be. neharika_goyal@brown.edu

  DSC_0267Christina Kata, Brown ’14

“Christina is a senior at Brown University concentrating in Middle East Studies and Health & Human Biology.  During her time at the Field School, she explored how healthcare access in Turkey has changed with the AKP’s election into power in 2002.  She also created a photoblog with Neha and Sujay called Çapulers which documented the protests at Taksim Square and Gezi Park.  Christina welcomes questions regarding the Field School as well as the Biology and Middle East Studies departments at Brown, and can be reached at Christina_Kata@brown.edu.”

DSC_0580Sujay Natson, Brown ’16

Sujay is an undergraduate from the Brown class of 2016. He intends to concentrate in Physics and Political Science, a unique combination, yes, but he simply appreciates both. Aside from academics, he is an avid amateur photographer who enjoys listening to oldies and going for a good run, not all at the same time though. He’s involved in a number of student groups and is also part of the social action house on campus.  sujay_natson@brown.edu


DSC_0526 Leyla Levi, Yale ’16

Leyla is a rising sophomore and architecture concentrator at Yale. Originally from Turkey, she has an extensive background in theater, enjoys photography, and is interested in education reform. After spending the first month of her summer as The Field School’s unofficial breath of fresh air, comic relief, and tireless conqueror of language gaps, Leyla is off to Japan to pursue other adventures. She can be reached at leyla.levi@yale.edu



Marissa Uvanović, Babson’11

Marissa was in the pioneering cohort of The Field School in 2010. She has since graduated from Babson College and now works within the intersection of human rights, gendered issues and violence, and social entrepreneurship in various countries. She can be reached at uvanovic.m@gmail.com.


977959_885604504757_1318025439_oJeff Holoubek, Babson ’10

Also in the pioneering cohort, Jeff went on to pursue an MA in environmental education at Prescott College after graduating from Babson College. He is currently a teaching fellow at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center in Estes Park, Colorado. In addition to his passion for music, Jeff has the kind of relationship with nature that most of us have with breathing. Please contact him if you if you have any questions about the program: jrholoubek@gmail.com



Community engagement partners are organizations and individuals who have opened their doors to Field School participants and have contributed to their understanding of the social innovation ecosystem.






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