Demonstration in Zeytinli Village


Today I woke up at 7:30 am and went to the hamam in the farm and had a shower. When I got there, I appreciated again the people who built this farm because by using only natural products they made an artwork which also can be seen from every part of the farm. Afterwards, after having breakfast, we went to Zeytinli for a demonstration against dams planned to be built in this village.Before going there, actually I was expecting to encounter several police forces (jandarma), so much local people from different age ranges to participate but I never expected  to see trade unions there and got surprised when I saw them there demonstrating because after the mine incident in Soma, Turkey, I lost my faith in them for not getting involved as much as they should. Seeing them there together with people that also came from other villages was a very good example of solidarity for me. Not to mention, it was very tragic for me to think firstly about police forces when it comes to talk about demonstrations. Finally, we gathered with others in a small home-like olive press store and thought that in Istanbul one of the healthiest things for me is olive oil but after seeing this kind of production style, I got alienated from the industrialized foods in big cities.

After meeting people there and joining in a big group of people in the village, we started to walk to the Kaz Mountain and while walking there I met one of my high school teachers and this was of course what I didn’t expect, so I was amazed. By the way, people came there really liked our banners and I was very proud of holding this in front of which people got taken photo. During the demonstration I talked to two men and the first one told me that in last 100 km they have already 3 dams and this village is self-sufficient in terms of having water. Yet, the Turkish state has been justifying this upcoming dam in the village by saying that the villagers don’t have enough water. At that time I recalled Levent Soysal who told us about ‘’ecologic justifications’’ of the state. The man who I interviewed said that they didn’t get informed about this issue well and one day workers came and gave a start to this project by putting maps and signs in the middle of a land in that village. He continued, stating that  most of the people in that village are very aware of this threat and actually do respect nature.


After the demonstration, we visited a farmer who grows so many different vegetables. We bought what we needed from there  for that night’s dinner. I felt there the joy of experiencing slow food and I thought that I wish I could have a field like this. This night, the table was set really nice because of the birthday of Attila and the most interesting, enjoyable part of the dinner was talking about our experiences here and comparing Dedetepe with Istanbul. I talked about my first experience washing dishes during which I got the feeling that the dishes couldn’t get clean because of the detergent I used and the delicious, organic plums I ate which symbolizes the natural life that offers me healthy and delicious fruits.

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