Ebru Revisited

IMG_1593 2Even though today we learned about a number of important and interesting issues that this region is dealing with in the present, a personal experience we had today was definitely the highlight of the day. Special enough that it deserved its own blog post! We got to witness Attila’s reunion with Sevda, the hemşin woman who he photographed for the cover of his book, Ebru. It all started when Attila told us in the van that he had arranged to meet with Sevda, the woman on the cover of Ebru, whom he hadn’t seen since he took her photograph ten years earlier.  We first met her husband at a cafe where he works. There he and Attila talked.  The husband was still not very pleased with Sevda’s appearance on the cover, even though at the time they were not married. After leaving the cafe we headed over to a mountainous road that led to Sevda’s house.  We arrived at the house and waited for a few minutes while Sevda came out. We could not wait to see Attila and Sevda’s reactions to seeing each other again. It was an amazing moment when we saw Sevda come out holding one of her children and saw Attila’s smile as he talked to Sevda and her mother and held Sevda’s  little girl.  It was the cherry on top of a wonderfully informative and scenic day!

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