Introducing the 2014 Field School for Social Innovation Cohort!


Our final day in Bodrum began much like the past two days: warm, sunny and not a cloud in sight. Our bus for Konya leaves at 5:00 pm today and we have no appointments between breakfast and our departure. For us, that means catching up on blogs, reviewing research, packing, and journaling. It’s always nice to have some time to reflect on all of the traveling we’ve done thus far. Currently, we are in Southwest Turkey and tonight we’re headed to Konya, central Turkey.

The journey is supposed to take about 10 hours so we are going to take an overnight bus, which are very popular in Turkey. In fact, we are getting off at around the half-way point of the bus’s entire journey! A small but audible gasp came from the group when we took our seats, mostly because there were TVs in the back of the seats. (I will pause here to reflect on all my Peter Pan bus trips from New York City to Providence where there was no TV and no wifi). Sofia and I made ourselves comfortable and took in the landscape for the first few hours. Meanwhile, Galen continued journaling, Cansu listened to music, and Andrew conversed with his bus buddy using his Turkish vocabulary (his Turkish is fantastic!). We’re a pretty eclectic bunch, bringing together a wide range of interests, majors, and experiences. Here’s some info about us!


I (Kimberley Charles) am a rising junior at Brown University concentrating in Political Science and Development Studies. I’m most interested in development as it plays out on the grassroots level. After studying theories of development, I’m excited to meet social entrepreneurs and hear their thoughts and critiques of development and innovation. This is my second trip to Turkey, and I am very excited to experience Turkey beyond Istanbul.

Sofia Linares Vasquez is a rising senior at Tufts University majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Development Economics. She spent her last semester at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul with the Duke in İstanbul program. On this trip, She is most interested in studying population migration in Turkey and improving her Turkish. For the world cup, she is rooting for her home country of Colombia.

Galen Rohn is rising junior at Brown concentrating in Business entrepreneurship and organizations (BEO). She is very interested in social innovation and change relating to the environment and sustainability. Her goal in Turkey is to look at initiatives that connect environmental sustainability to other social problems. So far, Galen has fallen in love with Turkey.

Cansu Erdogan is junior at Koc University, Istanbul, concentrating in Sociology and Psychology. She is very interested in gender studies, women’s empowerment and social change in Turkey. On this trip, among other things, she was amazed by Tara Hopkins’ effort to connect poverty, women employment and sustainability through her venture at çöp(m)adam. So far, she is so glad and content with the field work.

Andrew Scanlan is a member of Brown University’s class of 2017 from Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA.  His anticipated concentration is mechanical engineering, but his interests go beyond that specific discipline. Andrew is most interested in learning about people’s value beliefs.

Now that you know a little bit about us, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the program! We’ll probably be raving about this trip for the next year, and would love to talk to any interested students!

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